Support and Tips for Preparing for Oct. 15

It's time for the People to make Demands and Mandates.

We demand our Life, Liberty and Pursuit for Happiness.

Support Group

Numbers United

The more numbers we have, the bigger and FASTER WE WIN!


$AVE "Dat" Money

We are putting our careers on the line, they are putting their companies on the line. If they don't have customers or employees, they don't have money either. We must save our money to weather the storm.

Be smart and thoughtful when you spend money. Also consider what businesses you are supporting. Are they against American Rights or for them?

Open For Business
Open For Business

Parallel Economy

IF one doors closes, there will be more that open. There are other entities/businesses who are encouraging their employees to make their own choices. We spend our working hours and money with these businesses instead.

Stay Connected

Keep up to date and don't miss out the small battles being won. We will also be working on a list of businesses and schools who

are Pro-American.

If we stay United and Connected, we can

do this!

Press Conference Microphones