It's just a short shutdown
It's just 15 days to slow the spread
It's just social distancing
It's just six feet apart
It's just temporary furlough
It's just working from home
It's just a few layoffs
It's just the non-essential
It's just temporarily closing your small business
It's just closing down your church
It's just cashless payments
It's just to protect yourself
It's just to protect others
It's just online learning for a semester
It's just online learning for two semesters
It's just mandatory so kids to go back to school
It's just virtual graduations
It's just one lonely Thanksgiving
It's just one lonely Christmas
It's just one lonely Easter
It's just one lonely birthday
It's just canceling one baby shower
It's just one wedding you'll have to miss
It's just not seeing your grandparents this year
It's just not being able to lay them to rest
It's just piece of cloth
It's just a face shield
It's just something medical workers wear
It's just something to cover your face
It's just two things to cover your face
It's just so you can get on an airplane
It's just something you have to wear all the time
It's just one stimulus check
It's just two stimulus checks
It's just three stimulus checks
It's just an eviction moratorium
It's just another trillion dollars of your tax money
It's just unemployment benefits
It's just so you can keep staying at home
It's just one injection
It's just two injections
It's just a few bad reactions
It's just a few side-effects
It's just a booster shot
It's just updated guidance
It's just until we get the new variant until control
It's just a little card
It's just another mandate
It's just another lock down
It's just a face scan
It's just a curfew
It's just safety measure
It's just microchip
It's just so everyone can prove they got it
It's just door to door enforcement
It's just segregation
It's just removing them from society all together
It's just a fact check
It's just to fight fake news
It's just deplatforming the US President
It's just deplatforming his supporters
It's just silencing those who question the narrative
It's just giving up a few of your freedoms
It's just so you can have a bank account
It's just so you have a job
It's just so you can enter a store
It's just so you can provide for your family
It's just so we don't take your kids away from you
It's just so we can contact trace
It's just so we can track your movements
It's just so you can exist
It's just so we can get back to normal
It's just so we can get back to normal
It's just 
so we can get back to normal
Just stop.....
Just has become one of the most dangerous words in history...
Because they just want to see what you tolerate.

But the word Just can end this nightmare:
Because if you just open your eyes
if you just realize where this is going
if you just REFUSE TO COMPLY
if you just refuse to conform
if you just refuse to Submit
if you just stand up for your rights
if you just organize and push back
if you just stop patronizing those who despise you
 if you just demand to be free
if you just realize your own power
if you just realize we have strength in numbers
if you just realize we are the majority
their power will just...disappear....